If you hire boats to ride:

Uboatt is a platform specialized in intermediation of vessel leasing, in addition to providing an exclusive space for the sale of boats.  

Similar to a people transport application, Uboatt provides owners, users and lovers of navigation with easy access to the rental and advertising of boat sales of various types.  

The Uboatt platform brings agility and convenience, enabling access to nautical tours and making the property of vessel owners more profitable in idle periods.  

The Uboatt app is available on the Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualize.uboatt&hl=en_US)  

And on the App Store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/uboatt/id1483522068)  

Support WhatsApp: (71) 98868-6600  



After downloading the Uboatt app or accessing the web version, register by filling in the requested information.


Then, the user must confirm the registration with Uboatt in his e-mail.




Now it's just a matter of planning a tour, choosing a vessel and the place of embarkation, the date of the tour and the number of people who will participate and enjoy a day or period and beautiful landscapes.


Partner vessel owners offer personalized tours with detailed information and described on the vessel's disclosure page.

At Uboatt you have access to a variety of registered vessels, with itineraries for tours or a specific stretch, always defined by our partners, which can be changed according to their availability.


All vessels, before the activation of registration, are analyzed and their data and documentation are verified, ensuring that the information provided is valid, if the vessel is regularized in accordance with the Brazilian Navy Norms and if the vessel is being registered with the consent of its owner, if it is mediated by third parties.


All these measures are taken to ensure the security and reliability of the service provided by the Partner Owner.


Transactions are made by credit card or bank slip via a secure financial platform, with the possibility of opting for a PIX transfer. With this, we have security in terms of financial transactions, including an anti-fraud system for credit card analysis.


Transactions will only be completed after confirmation of availability by the owner for the reserved date. In this way, the card will not be debited without confirmation from the Partner Owner for the requested date.


Please note that any rental requests are subject to the availability of our Owner Partner for the requested date.

Yes, Uboatt is a secure platform. The registered information is encrypted and data from owners and vessels, for example, can only be edited by them.


Financial transactions are made through credit card, bank slip or bank transfer and the data is encrypted, not allowing changes or third-party views.


In addition, we follow the rules established by the LGPD (General Data Protection Law).


Check out our Privacy Policy:



In the web version of Uboatt, just click on the orange “Sign in” button present at the top right of the main screen. Select “register” and fill in the requested information. An email will be sent to confirm and activate your account.


If you are using the app version of Uboatt, select “profile” at the bottom of the screen, fill in the requested information.


After completing this process, you will receive a registration confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link present in the body of the email message and that's it! You will now have access to the Uboatt platform.

In the web version of Uboatt, click on the “Sign In” button present at the top right of the main screen. In the Uboatt app, click on “profile” in the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Click on “Forgot your password?” below the login button.


You will be taken to a new screen. In the blank space, enter your email address registered with Uboatt.


You will receive an email with a link to create a new password. Click this link and enter a new password.

To rent a vessel through Uboatt, you must first create an account.


After creating and activating the account, you must access Uboatt to select the vessel and the type of rental you want (Daily, Section or Overnight).


Select the departure city, date and number of passengers. Click on “Search”.


Select the vessel you wish to rent and click on “Details” to check all vessel specifications.


To rent the selected vessel, click on “Hire”. Your request will be processed and responded to within 24 working hours, depending on the vessel owner's availability for the requested date.


Payment of the rental amount will only be made after confirmation by the vessel owner for the requested date.


If the owner does not have availability for the requested date, no amount will be charged to the renter.


If you prefer, the rental contract can be carried out via PIX transfer through our contact WhatsApp.

After confirming the rental for the selected date, you will receive a notification via email and WhatsApp with information for direct contact with the owner of the vessel.

In cases of environmental or meteorological problems that imply a risk for the Uboatt user, the service will be canceled and the full amount of the rental will be returned to the client or, if preferred, the tour will be rescheduled for another date.

In case of cancellation of the service by the Service Provider Partner, the rent amount will be fully refunded to the user of the service.

For cancellations by the customer without justifiable reasons, the refund of the amount referring to the reservation will be made as follows:

Refund of 80% of the amount for cancellation up to 05 days from the date of departure, 20% being retained by Uboatt.

For cancellations from 02 to 04 days before the date of departure, 50% of the total amount will be refunded, the other half being retained to cover the service fee provided by Uboatt.

There will be no refunds of the amount paid for cancellations less than 02 days from the date of departure.

If the renter chooses the transfer method via PIX, paying in two halves and there is a need to cancel the tour, 50% of the total rental amount will be refunded, regardless of the date on which the cancellation is requested.

The remainder will be retained by Uboatt.

Partial and/or full refunds will not be made for the amounts paid for booking tours or boat rental during New Year's Eve, Carnival and Holidays.

*No-show on the day of departure will not be refunded.*


Through Uboatt you will have security and the guarantee that your tour will be carried out, depending only on the execution of the service by the Partner Owner.


Uboatt is a secure platform for the payment of boat rentals.


We use the e-commerce financial platform MaxiPaggo, responsible for analyzing and processing requests via credit, debit or bank slip, guaranteeing payment security.

The payment of the rental amount will only be made after confirmation by the owner of the vessel for the requested date, if the owner does not have availability for the requested date, no amount will be charged, there will be no confirmation of the tour.


If this happens, we recommend requesting another vessel with similar characteristics for the same requested date.


In case of cancellation of the service by the Service Provider Partner, the rent amount will be fully refunded to the user of the service.

In case of cancellation of the service by the Service Provider Partner, the rental amount will be fully refunded to the service user.

To cancel a reservation, you must access the “My trips” section in the user's profile menu. This window contains all trips made or scheduled.


Click on the three dots located at the top right of the rental description box and select “Cancel”.


Before confirming the cancellation, it will be necessary to enter the reason for the cancellation and click on “Confirm”.


If you prefer, cancellation can be made by contacting us via WhatsApp or email.

You must find on board the mandatory items required by the Brazilian Navy and the accessories described in the characteristics of the vessel selected on the Uboatt platform.

Usually, when going to the sea, it is essential to take with you: sunscreen, a beach towel, sandals, water and sunglasses. Drinks can be part of the tour at the discretion of the renter and the availability of the vessel owner. Normally, only rents and fuel are included in the rent.

On board you must be careful when moving on wet surfaces, avoiding running.


Avoid diving and jumping from high and unprotected places.


Avoid smoking inside the vessels, releasing fireworks or other items that could cause materials on board to ignite.

The lessee may choose to refund the amount or reschedule the tour date.

If you are a boat owner:

For greater security for both the owner and the lessee, we ask for a photo of the TIE as a prerequisite for activating the vessel's announcement.

These measures are necessary to prevent false vessels or without the owner's consent from being registered with Uboatt.

Thus, we verify the veracity of the information registered, aiming to offer greater security to all.

If you are not the holder of the title, you will need to have a power of attorney from the owner. If you do not have a power of attorney model, just contact the support center, which will provide a model that can be used. Emphasizing that the power of attorney must be signed by the holder and registered with a notary.

Uboatt is a platform specialized in intermediating rent and disclosing sales of boats.

Through our platform, we guarantee security in financial transactions. We use the anti-fraud system which assesses the risk associated with the card used by the lessee when paying the rent reservation. Ensuring that the amount charged will be paid.

The approval of the rental will take place with the confirmation of availability by the owner, whose autonomy over the vessel's agenda, disclosure of values ??and tour itineraries is total, being free to accept or not the rental request, without limitations or access blocks, define the place of departure and time and include any additional information such as tours or differentiated services.

After confirmation and payment of the rent, the owner will receive the telephone number for direct contact with the renter.

We have a support ready to answer any questions from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm at (71) 988680066, we also work through whatsApp.

The reservation request made by the customer through Uboatt will be confirmed upon payment of the value of the boat rental or tour.


Uboatt offers vessel tenant users the following payment methods: Credit card (12 installments or cash), debit card, PIX transfer, bank transfer and bank slip.


The rental request can be made on the Uboatt app or website for credit card purchases in one installment.


If the tenant prefers to pay the rent via credit card in installments, debit card, bank transfer, bank transfer  or PIX, please contact our support.


Exclusively for the modality via PIX transfer, there is the possibility of making the payment in two halves. 50% being paid at the time the rent is closed to guarantee the reservation of the date and the remainder up to five working days before the scheduled date for the tour. If the lessee chooses this method of payment, it will be subject to a differentiated cancellation policy.


Purchases made via credit, debit or bank slip are sent for treatment and analysis by the MaxiPaggo payment gateway. The order will be analyzed and the lessee will receive payment confirmation in their email registered on the Uboatt platform. No card data is stored in Uboatt's  database.


The percentage of transfer of the rental value to the Vessel Advertiser Owner is 80%.


Uboatt's participation rate corresponds to 20%.


The transfer of the value of the Vessel Advertiser Owner will be made within five working days, counting from the day of confirmation of the payment of the rent by the Vessel Lessee User.


The rent will only be effective after confirming the vessel's availability to take a tour or transfer to the date required by the Lessee User and upon clearing the payment of the vessel's rental amount.


The cancellation policy will not change, regardless of the payment method chosen by the Lessee User.


Payment will only be processed when the vessel owner confirms availability for the date chosen by the lessee.

The transfer of the value of the Owner Advertiser of the Vessel will be carried out within two business days before the date set for the nautical tour.

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